Small Business Packages

Why should I create an online course?

Whether you’re an aging business owner looking to retire soon, or a go-getter who wants to build multiple income streams, creating an online course is a great thing to consider! Here are some of the many reasons you might consider developing and selling a video course:

  • Improve your work-life balance
  • Automate your business
  • Reach students and clients from all over the world, instead of just your local area
  • Create passive income
  • Share your knowledge to the next generation
  • Become an influencer and authority figure in your industry
  • Share your unique perspective and values for your expertise
  • Courses are an evergreen product that can be launched multiple times

What kind of investment will this require?

Most full-service video production companies have a lot of overhead, and will rarely accept projects under $15-20k. They have studio rental fees to cover, employee salaries, and camera gear they’re trying paying off. Very few of them specialize in training videos.

Aether Motion is the opposite – a lean, family-run operation with a singular focus on educational video. Our workflow is streamlined for you. Our sole mission is to level up video courses with cinematic and engaging video, and lesson plans that actually educate.

Because our operation is designed to waste as little time and money as possible, we can afford to produce your course at a fraction of what a typical video company would charge. And on top of that, we include more value that’s catered to video course creation.

It starts with a free phone call to see whether or not Aether Motion is right for your project. From there, you can expect your video course package to include all of the following services: 

◊ Lesson Plan Development

◊ HD Cinematography
◊ Editing, with 3 Revisions per Video

◊ Referral Rewards and 5% Off Future Packages

◊ PowerPoint Slide Creation
◊ Distribution and Pricing Strategy

We have put together four typical pricing tiers to demonstrate the awesome value that Aether Motion can provide.

MINI COURSES (1-3 Hours of Final Video)


MEDIUM COURSES (4-7 Hours of Final Video)


MASTER COURSES (7-10 Hours of Final Video)


SUPREME COURSES (10+ Hours of Final Video)



◊ Headshot Session
◊ Location Scouting
◊ Upload Assistance


◊ Talent/Subcontractor Hiring
◊ Learning Aid Creation
◊ Video Scripting