Corporate Training

Why should my company create training videos?

In 2016, US companies spent about $70 billion on employee training expenditures. By 2017, that number had grown to $90.6 billion – a 32.5% increase!

One of the most common buying decisions for mid-to-large companies is whether to develop their own employee training, or to license stock training from another company. Often, cost is one of the largest determining factors in this decision, along with the staff hours required to develop personalized training. 

But we’re here to say – it’s worth it! Here are just a few reasons you may consider developing a personalized training program for your employees:

What kind of investment will this require?​

Most full-service video production companies have a lot of overhead. This may include studio rental fees, employee salaries, and camera gear they’re trying paying off. Very few of them specialize in training videos.

Aether Motion is the opposite – a lean, family-run operation with a singular focus on educational video. Our workflow is streamlined for you. Our sole mission is to level up video training with cinematic and engaging video, and lesson plans that actually educate.

Because our operation is designed to waste as little time and money as possible, we can afford to produce your training at a fraction of what a typical video company would charge. And on top of that, we include more value that’s catered to instructional systems design.

Corporate pricing varies, but it starts with a free phone call to see whether or not Aether Motion is right for your company!